Conspiracy Theories

Please, please, please do not give in to conspiracy theories. I see far too many of my otherwise reasonable conservative friends falling down into the dark bunny holes of conspiracy here lately. I get it. In a world where we can’t trust many of the mainstream sources of news and information, it is hard to know what to believe. Given that, many are resorting to a back-up plan where you just believe what aligns with what you already believe. Does this information support my party, politicians, and ideas? If so, it must be true. If not, it must be a lie planted by the enemy. That is how our brains are hardwired and it is why we have a polarized electorate that lives in alternate realities. It completely undermines the foundations of democracy. Don’t succumb to it. Question all the information you are given, not just that which contradicts your prior beliefs. It’s the only way to uncover truth.

No, Antifa Wasn’t Behind the Capitol Riot